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When you visit Puerto Vallarta you cannot miss the amazing sunsets we have every afternoon, walking around the Malecon area, located right in the heart of downtown, where all the best shopping and dinning places are by the way, you may experience the nicest sunsets in all Mexico and maybe some of the greatest in the whole world. The best time to see them is 8.30pm during the summer and 6.30pm during winter (aprox).
A romantic dinner at the beach seeing the sunset is also highly recommended.

Posted 8/21/2008 by blogauthor

2 Responses to “ Sunsets in Puerto Vallarta ”

you know… i think because i live down here and see sunsets everyday, i tend to just overlook them. but, to be honest, the sunsets in vallarta are amazing. the colors in the sky are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. it really is a sight to see.

I like these sunsets. Marvelous sunsets. Wonderful colours. Puerto Vallarta has transformed itself from a sleepy seaside village into a major resort town that maintains the look of Old Mexico.